Shutting down this blog
Friday, April 12, 2013 at 8:43AM
Thomas P.M. Barnett in What's Tom Up To?

I've come to the decision that I no longer wish to blog on a daily (okay, "weekdaily") basis, and since I have the option of going to Battleland (thanks to Mark Thompson) for the occasional post as I see fit, I'm going to shut down this aspect of my site.

I've been blogging here since the spring of 2004 and, while it's been fun, I feel like I've run this course . . . enough times - on a creative basis.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I will do anything gung-ho so long as I feel creative in the pursuit, but that I'll drop it once that is no longer the case and there are other avenues that seem to offer that buzz in larger amounts.

A number of things factor into this decision - besides the creativity.  With the move to Madison, I feel one chapter of my life closing and another opening up. And, as there are big changes afoot in the family (e.g., it's not just my eldest son but my spouse who will attend the UW), I feel there are simply a number of decisions I need to make.

It's much like going through all your stuff before a move and deciding what you absolutely need to keep and what should go to somebody else - or just get tossed.  Again, because I can sound off at Battleland at my leisure, I don't see the blogging function going away entirely - just downsized like our household (we were 8 just last summer, and soon to be six in a matter of weeks).

Personally, I love big changes and I love reinvention, so I think this will be good.  I'll recast the site somewhat in the weeks ahead, making it more an archive than blog-centric.

I want to thank everybody who stopped by and pitched in over the years.  It was a good ride.  For the record, this was blog post 12,877.

Those who enjoy the privilege know how to engage me.

So long.

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